My buisnesses operation

Reliable, affordable and transparent


Clear terms and transperent buisness

Just like you I am an buissness owner. That is why I always operate in an official manner. I promise to bring you the professional level of business you deserve. Billing is always done through my agency and you pay for exactly what you get. A mutual understanding and common goals are always the starting point of any business I do.



I bill based on a hourly wage. Imagine that. In music. And professional, high quality music. If you ever doubt my offer calculator just do the math for your self.



Your happiness is all I care about. For example a terrace performance isn't very successful if it's pouring rain and nobody is in sight. So that I can ensure we have a successful event I offer my "Raincheck" service. If within 24 hours of our originally planned date you feel that the weather is to Finnish for a performance, we can move the event to a later date. Same price, same offer, same show. The order is not void, but moved "to be delivered on a later date". (Read more about postponing a concert in the order contract)

I also guarantee that my price calculator is final. Never ever will i charge anything else then what we agree on through my forum. The price calculator is based on my order contract.




When I say ecological I am not refering to the fact that one day I will die and be eaten by worms. What I mean is that my service is simple and in the long term sustainable for both you and me. Not always do we need to fit a whole band into a small car and then an even smaller bar. After the travel, food, musicians and expenses was this how worthwhile?